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2007 - 2018

The Missing Piece is a progressive rock band from the North West of the Netherlands. Founded in 2007 they experienced many changes in their line-up. Their music is characterized by the band as a mix of profound but accessible music.

The band consists out of five experienced progressive rock musicians who approach music like an art painter paints a picture. They believe in strong melody lines, arrangements and soundscapes just to convey the right atmosphere. The band’s name comes from the eponymous Gentle Giant album. Their music is mostly influenced by the great old names in this genre.


After a number of live performances and changes of members, it was decided in 2018 to put an end to it. Now two years later it is revived in a project form based on Adri Sleijster and Nanne Tiggelman, both original members of the band.

The new setup of the band is to fill in the compositions of The Missing Piece with musicians who like to participate in this by playing the already existing parts of the songs and thus complementing new compositions. In this way, with sufficient participants, it is possible to achieve an optimal result. We are looking for singers (male or female), guitarists and keyboardists. TMP is progressive, melodic, symphonic with a rock foundation. Do you like that? Let us know and send an email via the contact form at the bottom of the site

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Nanne Tiggelman

Drummer / Composer / Arranger / Producer / Vocalist / Lyricist

Regular musician

I started my musical career by playing the guitar but soon it showed that the rhythms and grooves had my main interest. After five years of musical education on drums, I decided to go my own way. By playing with various bands I continued to develop myself as a drummer. Although I listen to many different types of music, the progressive music genre is still my favourite. Many years later I developed as a composer, lyricist, producer and backing vocalist. Besides my study on drums, I’m self-taught by using my ears and making use of the current technical possibilities.  Many musicians influenced me during the years, to many to mention.


Adri Sleijster

Bass player / Vocalist / Co producer

Regular Musician

Around my 12th year I started playing guitar. In my first (school) band, Survival,  I was initially guitarist but I decided to play bass guitar later. In addition to the bass, I developed myself on backing vocals in the nineties. With the progressive hard rock formation Exises, I played for 18 years and recorded two albums (Exises 1986 and Reternity 1996). I gained my experience through various cover bands. I was part of the progmetal formation Godmode for some time as well. Since June 2009 I play bass and bass pedals in TMP together with backing vocals.

Rene Wix.jpg

René van Dalen (participant)


June 9, 2020

Today we can announce that the first participant has committed to the TMP project. All the more because it is none other than René van Dalen who also plays on the Dream Rider album. René will mainly fill in the melodic parts. We look forward to working with our veteran. Welcome again René!

Rob Wix.jpg

Rob Brons (participant)


June 17, 2020

Surprising how life can go. We are happy to announce that we have another veteran back in the ranks. This time it is the keyboard player from the very beginning and none other than Rob Brons. Rob will play the necessary keyboards and is a co-arranger. Welcome back Rob!


Michael Siethoff (participant)


Michael is a guitarist with a wide variety of technical skills. He is the founder of the metal band Exises and also the composer, producer and technical man of that band. You can find information about him at

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Bedankt voor de inzending!

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